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Know Your Local Waste: Showcasing Tweed Shire Council

Every council manages waste differently. Ask your council to join re-think to explain how locals can help them to recycle and process their community’s waste most sustainably.

Tweed Shire Council News

North East Waste in NE-NSW’s Circular Cafes Project has local café’s Kicking some serious goals recycling and diverting tons of food waste from landfill. The Project is part of the Waste Less Recycle Initiative and is funded by the EPA as part of a Bin Trim grant.

Recycling Your Waste in Tweed

Tweed Shire Council has one of the most advanced waste management systems in NSW. Do you have a local waste disposal question you are finding not easy to answer? Check out the Tweed Shire website for detailed waste management information easily arranged for you to find the answers. But click on Learn More here first you might find the answer you are looking for. 

Know How to Manage Your Bins

There are three different types of Bin Collections in Tweed Shire, a 3-bin system (yellow, red and green lid bins) for urban houses and duplexes; a collection system for multi-units and rural residences and an optional system for commercial businesses. The Tweed Shire website has all the details, but some of the most common questions are here on Learn More, have a look.

Know Your Tip & Recovery Centre

Tweed Waste is received and managed at The Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre. 

At the Centre your waste is carefully sorted to reduce landfill, recycle and reuse all possible types of waste to best practice standards. How you manage your waste before it gets to the Centre can seriously help to reduce the community’s impact on the environment.

Do you have something you don’t know how to recycle?

Check out Ecolateral’s original eco-warriors’ list, it’s the most comprehensive How-To Recycle nearly everything list we know.

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