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Your local recycling & waste info
Northern Rivers Circular Cafe's Program keeping cafe waste moving around​.

About your local waste

Would you like to see your council's information here?

What is your local council’s waste program? How is the stuff you throw away recycled and processed?

How can you help make it easier, less expensive and better for your community and the environment? 

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Know your bin

Do you know exactly what your local council’s guidelines are for your local bin collection system?

Do you know what happens when you get it wrong?

Soon we will be able to tell you : sign up for Re:think Eco-News with your postcode and we will tell you when About Your Local Waste is Live

Taking to the tip

What can’t you put in your local waste collection bin?

Do you know what you can take to your tip and what you can’t?

Every council tip is a little different.

Does your tip have a Tip Shop?

How does the Tip Shop work?

Sign up for Re:think Eco-News with your postcode and when your council’s info is live you will be able to check out all the details.

Read more about Laura Francois and Clothing the Loop
Read more about the Circular Cafes Northern Rivers program here

Your local waste update

Your local council are probably working hard behind the scenes to continuously update and improve their waste management processes and policies.

It’s not easy!
When we have your postcode, and your council’s information is live, you can see your local latest council initiatives and improvements and how you can participate right here in your feed.

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Council waste programs

As the Re-think site grows we will be adding each council around Australia’s eco-waste news, encourage your council to get involved. Check out NSW Northern Rivers’ Waste’s Circular Cafes program engaging Café’s around the region to dramatically reduce their waste and put lots of it to good use

“North East Waste is delighted to be a part of the online Re-think community. We see this as a platform that will inspire real change, make connections and build a knowledge base around Circular Economy initiatives”

Kim Potter, Circular Café's Project Manager

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Council head

Every council manages their waste differently. Knowing how to process your waste well where you live will help your council to recycle and process what you​ throw away most sustainably.

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