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Who we are

The wise who saw waste as junk that could be reused and recreated were once ahead of their time. Now we all know the earth has no time to waste. It’s time for us all to Re-think

David Lester with his recycled lamps (see The Makers)

Over ten years ago a little magazine was born called Junkies dedicated to serve and inspire a growing community of re-thinkers and re-makers across eco-design, sustainable fashion, arts and lifestyle.

“…when we throw something away it has to go somewhere…”


Junkies has become Re-think because there is no junk as there can be no waste*.

*waste: (noun) modern: an unwanted ‘something’

Today the Re:think print magazine and online audience ranks are swelling with freshly inspired, concerned every day Australians. Our recent drought, fires, floods and now a global crisis severely impacting our quality of life have been our massive wake-up call.

Recognition that everything is connected and all our actions have a flow-on effect is being revealed and understood in a variety of new contexts.

Green activities for kids (see #15)
Morgan Wills of The Crafty Squirrel Ballarat, Vic.

We were already asking:

Where is it made? From what? By whom? Were they paid well?

Did the making of it harm the environment or cause unnecessary suffering?

Is it Recyclable, Upcyclable, Compostable? Can it be used in a different way later?

Now we are asking:

How do I grow it myself? Can I make one myself?

Does my family really need it?

Can I fix it ? Will it last?

Re-think is all about the answers, about community: about showcasing the doers, the makers and the rethinkers leading us all forward with fun, spirit, skill, compassion and clever wisdom.

Kristian King bespoke furniture maker (see The Makers)

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