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Frankly, it can be overwhelming being an eco-crusader all the time. Planet Ark recently revealed in a study that nearly 50% of Australians find recycling confusing. The amount of advice of the “do this/don’t do that” variety is also overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Earthlings are custodians of the planet, and we all have our part to play. Little and often is a great mantra when it comes to incorporating eco-friendly behaviour into daily life. Of course, there are a million more ideas but hopefully, the below tips will provide inspiration and ultimately gets the brain juices flowing. Let’s all try to do what we can when we can.

Our planet will benefit from little easy daily practices, often.

Here’s some quick tips: 

  • Re-use your boiled veggie water – it is nutrient dense and great for your garden. Tip your flower vase water onto your indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Buy a paper shredder. Rip up egg cartons, cardboard boxes and toilet roll holders for your compost and worm farms.
  • Buy chickens if you have room – they are the ultimate food waste disposal system.
  • Reuse envelopes for writing notes and To-Do lists on. Or use them for seed saving if you are a gardener.
  • Use keep cups for takeaway beverages.
  • Op shop everything!
  • Shop at wholefood co-ops etc for zero plastic use.
  • Visit farmers markets.
  • Bring carry bags and BYO containers when shopping to eliminate plastic waste.
  • Reuse jars and bottles and use beeswax wraps for food storage, etc.
  • Use the half-flush option on toilets or don’t flush if it’s a ‘yellow’ deposit.
  • Buy a bamboo toothbrush
  • Refuse straws in your drinks.
  • Don’t decorate parties and special occasions with balloons; think of alternatives that don’t end up in turtles’ and other aquatic-dwelling animals’ mouths.
  • Turn off all unused power points/appliances when not in use.
  • Find a compost system via ShareWaste app/website, and drop off your scraps for the greater good – if they end up at the rubbish tip that’s not cool at all.
  • If you have time volunteer for an environmental cause.
  • Write to your local members and environment ministers (state and federal) and tell them how they can help with your environmental and social concerns.
  • Buy “ugly fruit” at the supermarket.
  • Build a garden or join a community garden, or build a garden at your kids’ school with other parents and teachers.
  • Don’t switch on the dishwasher or washing machine until it’s completely full.
  • Buy sustainable gifts/flowers when gift-giving.

Our planet will benefit from little easy daily practices, often. We have an environmental and social responsibility that will affect our long-term sustainability.

A mass collective action is a great approach to making Mother Earth happy. Together we can create change.

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Caroline is a creative maker, a community arts worker, and a storyteller. The Story Costumer is a magical dress shop where garments can be hired or tailor-made.

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