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Aussies drink a lot of coffee and love their cafes and take-aways – wellness and sustainability are the new second-line benchmarks for great café coffee, the first is, of course – taste and texture.

Aussies drink a lot of coffee and love their cafes and take-aways – wellness and sustainability are the new second-line benchmarks for great café coffee, the first is, of course – taste and texture.


If this article had been written pre-crisis-commencement the content would be much the same but the setting would be very different. We would have been painting pictures of you hanging out in your favourite café well ensconced with your laptop, co-workers or best buddies. But alas, the ‘crisis-we-had-to-have-sooner-or-later’ has us all panting for our take-aways.

Forget learning the art of the latte at home, we are supporting our local café’s with our take-away orders while they are closed and, if they are open again by the time you are reading this, well hallelujah!

So we drink, how many, cups of café coffee in Australia per day?

We don’t know, but we know it is a lot! We do know that Australians throw out an average 2.6 billion coffee cups per year – enough to circle the globe seven times, that was until we began the BYO coffee cup habit, a practice that grew 292% in 2019 alone.

The Café Culture in Australia has been alive and well for many years and is not set to change anytime soon. But, the types of coffee we prefer to drink, the nature and source of the milk, the cups we want to drink our favourite joe from and what we do with the waste, definitely are changing and fast.

The greatest change in the last few years has been in the milk we choose to froth and creamy our lattes, cappuccinos and viennas with, along with those popular flat whites.

Huskee Cup

Good for My Wellbeing

As we get more sophisticated in understanding what keeps us well and firing on all cylinders, we are creating entirely new heath inspired food and drink solutions that best suit our individual health and wellness profiles and our lifestyles. Solutions that allow us to continue to enjoy our preferred taste sensations and little luxuries, whilst doing us more good than harm. Plant based milks have been in this category for many years now. Australian icon brand Sanitarium, have been producing plant-based health foods for over 100 years in Australia and were the first to introduce plant-based milks here over 30 years ago. That was when soy milk began its rapid rampage into our kitchens and cafes. Enter the Soy Latte.

But whilst soy milk continues to be popular, plant-based milks with even greater health benefits than soy, and without the potential down-sides, are rocketing in popularity, the first contender was almond milk but the latest solution is taking out all the top awards – oat milk.

For coffee drinkers and baristas, the best on market oat milk, which happens to be Sanitarium’s, Alternative Dairy Co. Barista, a café only plant milk line for … baristas!  

Barista Oat Milk simply works, beautifully, both for great latte, cappuccino and Vienna taste and texture and for good health, and it is uniquely carrageen free, allergen free, low in sugars and fat, high in protein and has more calcium than cow’s milk. Perfect for us health nuts!

Barista Oat Milk 

” Café coffee drinkers are a demanding bunch, that morning coffee particularly, has to be “

– altdairyco.com

Most Sustainable

Statistically, at this crisis time for planet earth and her inhabitants, more of us are interested in sustainable solutions than we are in either specific animal’s welfare or our own health and wellbeing. If we don’t upgrade our practices to support, rather than degrade, life on earth, there may be no habitable earth for our future generations to live on.

Plant based milks win profoundly over dairy milks on sustainability markers, and oat milk wins out of the plant based options. Growing oats uses seven times less water than almonds or dairy, uses less land and produces less greenhouse emissions.

Organic, all Australian production and manufacture, with no GMO ingredients are of course highly important on healthy Australians’ tick box list and are also are all ticked by Alternative Dairy Co.’s market leading Barista brand.

But Does it Taste Good?

Plant based milks until the launch of Barista Oat Milk challenged barista’s ability to provide the perfect milk-based coffee for their customers. But the Alternative Dairy Co. has apparently ‘nailed it’.

St Ali perfectionista coffee roasters say, ““Dairy milk finally has a challenger, it highlights the coffee, doesn’t overwhelm it and it really does texture and pour like dairy milk.”

Developed with the direct input of baristas and café coffee drinkers, it is not surprising that baristas and their customers are very happy with the result.


 The Cups, The Cups, So Many Cups

Reground coffee
Coffee beans ethically sourced 

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