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Round theory 2020 White Field blend

Drink Up for the Greater Good

What if enjoying a great bottle of wine meant saving the planet for future generations? Would you buy more? You bet!

What if enjoying a great bottle of wine meant saving the planet for future generations?

Would you buy more? You bet!

As the need for making eco-sensitive lifestyle choices becomes more urgent, solutions that take the guilt factor out of our pleasure pastimes are springing up like daisies.

Round Theory wines have been created with one simple goal in mind – to make great wines that have a positive impact on the planet. The crew at Round Theory set out to build a brand from the ground up that would have as good an impact on the earth as possible. They considered every aspect of the wine’s pathway from the plant source to your glass. The wines are sustainably grown and sourced, the packaging lightweight and green and the company aims to always offset at least double the amount of carbon they generate.

Definitively Climate Positive, Round Theory wines are consciously created in every way, no green washing here.

Round Theory-standing for what they stand on.

Doubling up the Give Back

Being Climate Positive means that Round Theory does not only aim to counteract the carbon emissions created by producing their great wines, but to remove twice the amount of carbon dioxide they generate, creating a positive impact out of their production processes. How do they do that? Round Theory applies a carbon accounting framework to their processing and packaging, transporting and administrative systems and then doubles that amount in contributions in carbon credits.

What are carbon credits?

 A carbon credit is what is bought and sold when dealing with voluntary carbon offsets. For every ton of CO2 that a project manages to absorb or otherwise reduce, a carbon credit is issued. Carbon credits are certified by international standards and held in registries like the Gold Standard registry for international credits, or in New Zealand, as in Round Theory’s case it’s the NZ Emissions Trading Register.

How do they work? Round Theory contributes its carbon credits through CarbonClick, a New Zealand company that empowers businesses and their customers to tackle climate change by making carbon offsets simple, trustworthy and cost effective. The money paid to CarbonClick for carbon credits goes towards certified carbon offset projects that have met the highest standards. CarbonClick takes a margin on the credits for sourcing projects, quality assurance, administration and transaction fees. Round Theory make their contributions to four specifically selected projects locally and abroad to help with conservation across rainforests and biodiverse environments as well as providing renewable energy sources.

Re-thinking a wine bottle

How to get carefully crafted, sustainably produced wine to a wine-lover’s table, with minimal planetary impact, requires some serious analysis. The result – a brand new wine bottle styled to perfection for a very light footprint. Forget hard to recycle dark glass, the Round Theory lightweight, clear glass bottle delivers seriously improved recyclability. It is also shorter than a traditional wine bottle for greater shipping efficiency in smaller, recyclable cartons, lowering its transportation carbon footprint by around25%. Even the labels are as environmentally friendly as possible, the FSC Certified paper contains 30% post-consumer waste and even the gold foil design elements are certified drinkable.

Ah yes, we still haven’t talked about the bottle cap. Even that is all recyclable aluminium and plastic.

“Climate Positive Round Theory wines are consciously created in every way, no greenwashing here!”

Sustainably Sourced

All of the harvests for Round Theory’s highly acclaimed wines are grown in Sustainable Wine growing New Zealand (SWNZ) accredited vineyards. The New Zealand Wine industry has a world-leading reputation for sustainability, with wine-growers demonstrably protecting the places where they craft the exceptional wines we love. Their mandate is that that they are not only regeneratively farming the land, but also helping the natural environment, local businesses and communities to thrive.

Protecting the feathered and furry

Do you know that traditionally animal products are sometimes used in wine-making? A process called ‘fining’ is used to remove less-desirable agents within the wine that could cause instability or cloudiness over time. Various animal products traditionally have been used, including egg whites, casein (found in milk), gelatin and isinglass (fish bladders). Thankfully, due to the world population’s increasing awareness of the inhumane practices inflicted on animals, birds and fish within industrial processes, the demand for fully vegan products is on the rise. Round Theory is again one-step-ahead. All their wines are consciously created with no animal products utilised and are Certified Vegan Friendly by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society.

The result, great tasting vegan wines for a kinder and healthier world and your peace of mind.

Conservation, biodiversity, energy and agro forestry

The four projects benefitting from RoundTheory’s climate positive stance and from your on going purchase of their exceptional wines are:

Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia

The corridor is a 200km long forest that links coastal area and near outback eco systems, providing birds and animals with habitat, food, nests and protection. By the time the project it is finished it will have already absorbed 1.059 million tons of CO2e (= CO2equivalent).

The Clean Energy Wind Power Project in India

This important project funds the replacement of dirty fossil fuel electricity generation with clean wind electricity for communities in India. 25windmills produce 25.5mw of zero carbon renewable electricity, creating jobs for skilled and unskilled workers and avoiding 48,430t of CO2e.has been achieved by the over 75 million trees that have been planted to date with fifteen endangered species, including brown-throated sloths and ant eaters, now making the forest their home.

What to do next

Drink up and be merry  has a whole new level of meaning when you can save the planet at the same time. Thank you Round Theory for consciously creating great wine for an even greater cause.

Available at : Most Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, BWS and Dan Murphy’s

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