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Full Circle Furniture

A sustainable solution for surplus office furniture

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Did you know that when a large organisation moves office, their furniture often doesn’t move with them? Green Furniture Hub is determined to reduce the 30,000 tonnes of office furniture dumped in landfill each year by finding it a new home.

It’s a startling fact that strip-outs during office refurbishments create 63 tonnes of material per 1000 m2, yet barely 18% of these materials are recycled and just 2% are actually reused.

Since 2018, Green Furniture Hub has partnered with Australian businesses to successfully divert over 100 tonnes of unwanted office furniture from landfill and redistribute the items to businesses and charities who value these resources.

This ‘circular model’ is saving corporate clients in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne thousands of dollars in disposal costs, and saving others – including charities – money that would otherwise have been spent purchasing brand new items like desks, chairs and storage units.


Saving furniture from landfill

CEO of Green Furniture Hub, Justin Hatchett, says everyone has an obligation to assist in creating a ‘circular economy’. “Every day tonnes of surplus office furniture is dumped into landfill, reflecting the ‘take, make and waste’ way of operating,” says Justin. “It’s expensive, inefficient and harmful to the environment.”

Justin tells us that Green Furniture Hub manages the distribution of this furniture back to where it’s needed. It is graded, catalogued and photos of the items are taken and then posted on its online marketplace.

“Businesses pay a small access fee to browse and choose different items to accommodate the changing shape of their business or home office, whether it’s a single chair or a complete furniture fit-out,” says Justin. “Charities browse and acquire items for free.”

Office refurbishments create 63 tonnes of material…yet barely 18% of these materials are recycled

– Justin Hatchett

No matter whether the original item was $200 or $2000, there’s no individual pricing. You just pay a flat fee to access a bulk quantity of items. For extra, Green Furniture Hub can deliver and reassemble items. And those items that are not sold after a period of time are recycled wherever possible.

Making a real impact

Since 2018, Green Furniture Hub has:

•           Re-homed 4900 items with customers and charities

•           Diverted 112 tonnes of furniture from landfill

•           Sorted and recycled 95 tonnes of metal

Join the circular economy

Justin urges office owners, governments and tenants looking to refurbish work spaces to join the circular economy by extending the lifecycle of their no-longer-needed items.

“Moving to a circular model, designed to eliminate waste altogether, is the only viable long-term solution. It creates new ecological, social and financial opportunities for small and large business, organisations and individuals – locally and globally.

“At Green Furniture Hub, we’ve come up with a start-to-finish service that makes playing your part very easy. There’s really no excuse not to take this sustainable approach.”

If you are in the market for office furniture or looking to pack up shop, be sure to visit greenfurniturehub.com.au first and help reduce our landfill.

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