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Health Food Company Makes Sustainable Switch

Why Nutra Organics made the change to recyclable canisters

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In a world focused on the health of our bodies, looking after our planet is not always a priority. Health industry leader Nutra Organics is changing that paradigm, focusing on environmental wellbeing with their innovative plastic-free packaging.

Nutra Organics began their health food takeover “long before Instagram was a thing, jackfruit tacos were trending and before anyone knew how to pronounce ‘quinoa’”. Since its launch in 1998, the innovative family-owned business has become a market leader in the health food industry.

Following many successful years of supplying customers with real, honest nutrition and premium quality products, the company have announced they will be transitioning to 100% plastic-free recyclable canisters in 2021. These new Nutra Organics canisters are less carbon-intensive than steel cans and glass, and the paper is made from 100% recyclable fiber. When diverted to the recycling stream, the canisters have an impressive recovery rate of 88%.

There’s something for everyone with their new and improved kids range, now available in recyclable canisters.

“…we know it will eventually inspire other businesses to jump on the bandwagon.”

Ricki Harrison

This is a bold move in the wellness industry and paves the way for other popular health-food businesses to follow. The company has already successfully launched 100% home-compostable wholefood bar packaging, which coupled with their new canister line, makes them one of the most environmentally sustainable businesses in their industry.

“It’s important to us to continue on our mission and we know it will eventually inspire other businesses to jump on the bandwagon,” says Co-owner Ricki Harrison.

A charitable act

Nutra Organics has always been focused on a conscious approach to health and wellness, having previously partnered with various charities, helping to clean up 100km of Australian shorelines, plant 2,000 trees and donate $30,000 to the Australian bushfire relief services (WIRES, NSWRFS and Red Cross).

As with all pioneering innovations, the role out of the savvy new packaging will not be an overnight transition. In the interest of minimising waste, there will be a progressive transition with the canisters being launched in batches as the previously recyclable tubs are sold out. Their goal is to have their range fully migrated to the 100% plastic free canister packaging by October this year.

In an industry that often focuses on products and profits over sustainability, it is fantastic to see a market leader making the change to a more sustainable future. Now we can enjoy our health and longevity alongside a thriving planet.

You can find the Nutra Organics wholefood and superfood range at your favourite health food stores across Australia and selected stores worldwide. Find their stockists or buy direct via their website.

This post was kindly sponsored by the wellness warriors at Nutra Organics.

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