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Weaving A Natural Life

Celebrated floral artist, Julia Rose, creates stunning wearable arrangements using Mother Nature’s own materials

With 20 years of florist experience, Julia Rose, is an internationally acclaimed botanical artist known for creating eclectic wearable designs made using only natural materials, including flowers, twigs and greenery.

We were first introduced to Julia Rose and her visually-stunning floral art when she featured on the cover of Junkies Issue 8. Since then, Julia has gone from strength to strength, creating an online empire that is built upon her eye-catching designs and handiwork. 

Julia first began as a junior florist before progressing to a level of astonishing proficiency, as evidenced by the gallery of her work. Not content with confining her floral artistry to the usual wreaths and posies, Julia began to create gowns from flowers — “just for the love of it!”

Using her pioneering floral magic, Julia weaves twigs, ferns, feathers, moss and other organic matter into stunning floral arrangements. 

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A Time of Discovery

Somewhere during her career trajectory, she took five years out to live in the Daintree Rainforest of Far North Queensland, a profound experience that engendered a deep respect in her for the natural world. 

“I lived a very natural, organic and low impact life”, she tells us.

This is evidenced by her substantial menagerie of rescue animals, which currently include a dog, chickens, a rooster, a goose and two parrots.

Julia Rose 8 HR.jpg

Giving Back to the Earth

Not only does Julia use the bounty of materials from the natural world for the creation of her floral arrangements but she also repays her debt to nature by implementing a range of eco-friendly policies in her work. 

“All of our greenery and offcuts are mulched and returned back into the compost,” she explains. “The cardboard boxes are either soaked down and mulched or recycled for packing purpose.”

Julia also collects seeds from flowers grown on the property to re-harvest, as well as taking cuttings for propagation. Water used during the floral assembly process is recycled from buckets into the garden.

Julia Rose 5 HR.jpg

“My greatest inspiration would have to be Mother Nature herself – honestly, who does it better?”

Julia Rose

Julia exemplifies all the qualities that we celebrate and value here at Re:think: treading lightly in our world and drawing inspiration from nature to create works of great ephemeral beauty. 

This is an edited excerpt from our original article, featured in Junkies Issue 8. You can check out Julia’s work in print by snapping up one of our back copies or by visiting her website.

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