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Knifemaker Barry Gardiner creates hand-forged knives that are artisan masterpieces, join him in the Barossa Valley, for a unique experrience creating your very own knife.

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Support the creators, the makers and artisans nurturing new inspirations from old. One-of-a-kind treasures to grace your life

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If you think there should be a better way, there probably is, find it on Re-think. Order direct from the inventor’s or brand’s Re-think store. Be one of the first to know when its live.

Unique artisan treasures to use and love become heirlooms. find them on Re-think. Pictured: a stunning Liz Souter basket
Liz Gannon upcycles chairs into fun, frivolous, elegant and oh-so comfortable talking piece chairs, Liz is shown here in “Alice”. Show us your passion.

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Artisans, makers, skill-sharers, eco products and brands. Sustainable shoppers buy online. Let them find you here. Open a store in the Re-think marketplace, be ready to go live soon.

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