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Simple Living Sustainable Style – store links • Dyeing with Nature’s Natural Beauty – learn how • Avoid Greenwashing – skill up on true eco-labels • Global Women tell their stories on The Red Dress • Homes Destroyed? Shelterbox – by earth, land or sea • Glamping Comes to You – luxe camping where you want it

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ShelterBox Impact Report 2020

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, ShelterBox disaster relief still managed to help over 145,000 people in 2020. See where they worked and the impact they had.
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Introduction to ShelterBox Disaster Relief

What would you do if you lost your home and everything it? ShelterBox is a disaster relief charity that believes no family should go without shelter following disaster.
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How To Have Water Independence by Bioveda

Bioveda’s online course details how to build your own independent water supply system. Build your storage to harvest rainwater, filter and pressurise to taps, upcycle grey water for irrigation and toilet flushing.

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