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re:think issue 23

Simple Living Sustainable Style – store links • Dyeing with Nature’s Natural Beauty – learn how • Avoid Greenwashing – skill up on true eco-labels • Global Women tell their stories on The Red Dress • Homes Destroyed? Shelterbox – by earth, land or sea • Glamping Comes to You – luxe camping where you want it


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Each issue is filled with creative and inspiring ways in which we can reuse, reduce, renew and recycle. We send out all of our magazines in 100% recycled paper envelopes! Re:think is printed with the environmentally-friendly Finsbury Green. Order 12 editions and get a complimentary back copy as a thank you.

Order 12 editions and get a complimentary back copy as a thank you.

* Finsbury Green (World’s best practice ISO9001:2008 Quality & ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems certification; providing carbon-neutral services).

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