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Transmuting the world one breadtag at a time

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Narelle and Brad met on the school bus travelling from Queensland’s whistle-stop town of Bauple to Maryborough.  They have been inseparable since and the formidable team are now on a mission to help transmute the world’s plastic waste.

The inspiration for the current business concept came from Brad seeing ‘Precious Plastic’ on YouTube. He came home very excited telling Narelle he had figured out what he really wanted to do – recycle plastic.

Brad and Narelle travelled Australia before settling down in Robe, South Australia

The idea of making all the recycling machines onsite from old ovens and car jacks was not only exciting, but also very challenging. Brad had to dust off his chemistry degree, get friends to teach him to weld and start trialing different plastics and products.

Along came the breadtag…

In February 2019, two months after the retail shop opened, the founder of Aussie Breadtags for Wheelchairs visited Robe. When the breadtags were introduced as a source of used, clean, collected plastic the inspiration to make fashionable homewares was born. 

Brad knew the breadtag was made from hardened polystyrene, not included curbside recycling, but a foodsafe plastic that gives a Bakelite type finish if the old school compression manufacturing process is followed. He found a local engineering company to make bespoke moulds and the homewares range grew. 

…150kgs of used tags get delivered every month, allowing the charity to supply wheelchairs to needy recipients.

A handshake cemented the Transmutation and Aussie Breadtags for Wheelchairs deal and now 150kgs of used tags get delivered every month, allowing the charity to supply wheelchairs to needy recipients.

Enter Country Road

The breadtag homewares popularity took off. As the media picked up the story, a Country Road designer’s ears pricked up and he told his manager. After a few calls betweenn the two, Transmutation decided to collaborate with Country Road homewares and began to make all-white breadtag bespoke bowls and platters.

What’s else and what’s next …

Brad says, “Whilst consolidating the homewares range and increasing production, although still handmade and bespoke, we are looking at working with Lids for Kids to recycle used lids into bricks and adding an interpretative showroom.” 

If you are lucky enough to be anywhere near Robe, pop in and check out the fantastic range of recycled goods Brad has collected to retail or check them all out online. 


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