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The amazing Anna photographed by Noeleen Mc Keag  

Steampunk Issue 24

Coming your way
The amazing Anna photographed by Noeleen Mc Keag  


Issue 24 Highlights

In issue 24 we again turn to nature as we profile two very different artists who use the natural world as their inspirational muse when making their unique artworks. From the detailed paintwork of Chelsea Baker, to the intricate insect constructions of botanist and artist Chris van Niekerk

In this edition we also chat to the lovely Brenna Quinlan, illustrator and activist about her work and her new adventures in WA. We take a sneak peek into some vintage caravans and find out what it’s like to take to the road in vintage caravan style. We share our ode to all things steampunk with our front cover shoot and explore the nuts and bolts of its origins. We get creative with our interior wall spaces and show off some colourful bathrooms with our focus feature. We chat to Kait James and find out what punch needling and tea towels have in common and how they create conversations around Australian cultural history. We share our love of pears with our version of a yummy pear and chocolate cake recipe.

To read more get your copy of issue 24 available in newsagents shortly and here at re-think.com.

Steampunk Article Highlights

So, what is steampunk? It’s one of those things that is hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

Steampunk as an idea seems to precede steampunk as any sort of classifiable genre by about a century. The works of Jules Verne, Mary Shelley and HG Wells are commonly touted as precursors of steampunk, but it was only by the late 1950s that there was enough steampunkish material around to suspect a new genre was in the making.

Photograph of Anna in steampunk attire 

“Steampunk, in its own way, is a road sign to a sustainable future that we should consider following.”

– Stuart Horner
Photograph of Anna in steampunk attire 

So, what is steampunk? It sorts of overlaps with retrofuturism but not quite. It inhabits a spectrum that covers frivolous cosplay, all the way through to being a vehicle to critique modern society, with a sizable body of serious and semi-serious writing to back it up. This may be one of the reasons why it is so hard to describe.

One definition of steampunk is “A marriage of Victorian-era focus on manners, beauty and form with technology, given a fantastical twist of functionality and craftsmanship, with a firm grounding in community and environmental consciousness. It seeks to reconcile a modern industrial sensibility with optimism, beauty, imagination, sustainability, and even whimsy and humour, things often notably lacking from post-modern design.” [i]

Read The Whole Story In Issue 24 Out This Week


A Moment in Time exhibits portraits inspired by the Victorian Steampunk movement. With eclectic styling and a range of fury friends, each portrait displays unique characteristics of the subject and the environment around them.As both a professional photographer and a photography trainer, Noeleen constantly seeks to develop her skills. The Moment is Time series is the outcome of a desire to explore composite works whilst developing portraiture skills and adding in the fascination of steampunk.

Neoleen McKeag-Biennale-The Crow Steampunk Man
Neoleen McKeag-Biennale-Behind The Mask

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