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Round Theory – Please Drink Sustainably

From sustainable wine sourcing, to a bottle designed to minimise its carbon footprint, through to our partnership with UN Environmental Charity, The Lion’s Share Fund, Round Theory is consciously crafted to make sure we taste good and do good.
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Nissan Day Out

Stunning eco-gardens, thought-leading luscious food, leading enviro-design, a sustainable gorgeous car … our perfect day out test driving 100% electric LEAF by NISSAN to The Longhouse, Daylesford.
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We Love The new Nissan Leaf +

Ready for your first electric car? We tested the new 100% electric LEAF – we love it!
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ShelterBox Impact Report 2020

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, ShelterBox disaster relief still managed to help over 145,000 people in 2020. See where they worked and the impact they had.
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Introduction to ShelterBox Disaster Relief

What would you do if you lost your home and everything it? ShelterBox is a disaster relief charity that believes no family should go without shelter following disaster.
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How To Have Water Independence by Bioveda

Bioveda’s online course details how to build your own independent water supply system. Build your storage to harvest rainwater, filter and pressurise to taps, upcycle grey water for irrigation and toilet flushing.
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Plastic By Formidable Vegetable with Ocean Crusaders

Ocean Crusaders and Formidable Vegetable Present ‘Plastics’ Sing along as Charlie and the band sing about how plastic is not so fantastic, it comes from underground, we spread it around and it never goes away. Let’s make today a plastic free day.
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Patterns by Formidable Vegetable at Woodford

Charlie Mgee and the band at the Woodford Music Festival pumping out Patterns, a song paying attension to mother nature and the detailed direction her ‘patterns’ provide.

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re:think issue 24

Seed pod paintwork of Chelsea Baker-artist interview · Botanist and artist Chris van Niekerk- intricate insect constructions · illustrating activist Brenna Quinlan- eco truths · Vintage caravans- style and adventure · Steampunk– the nuts and bolts cover shoot · Interior wall spaces- creative ideas · Colourful bathrooms- focus feature · Kait James artist- punch needling, tea towels and Australian cultural history · Love of pears- yummy pear and chocolate cake recipe.

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Waste Recut by Formidable Vegetable

Waste Recut educates us about waste. There is no such thing as waste just stuff that is in the wrong place. We must learn to reduce, refuse, repair and renew sings Charlie and the band as we rediscover treasures from our discarded waste.
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Ode to Dad’s Dunny by Formidable Vegetable

Ode to a composting toilet is Based on a documentary Charlie Mgee made with his mate, Pickle about his Dad’s composting dunny, when they were fourteen.
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The Making of Junkies 10

A light hearted insight to the photoshoot for the cover of Junkies #10. Watch Louisa West create photo magic as Junkies chats with Enga Coffee’s Steph & Malcom. The Enga Coffee empire began in PNG, now stretching across the ocean through generations to Australia. This family empire gives back to their community, providing jobs and life-saving medicine to the village people and neighboring communities.
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Ocean Lovers Festival

My Trashion show collection.”Beach Couture: A Haute Mess” at The Ocean Lovers Festival at Bondi Pavilion. Intro by Laura Wells, sponsored by Waverley Council’s Second Nature, My TOMRA Australia & Ocean Lovers Festival. Video: Peter Heap. Hair & MakeUp: Kerrie Jane Bailey & Natalie Biller. Tunes: Plastic State of Mind by Ben Zolno
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Trashion Show 2019

Beach Couture: A Haute Mess: Trashion show collection at The Ocean Lovers Festival at Bondi Pavilion.
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Hands Across the Sand from TRASHION by Marina DeBris

A fashionable plea by LA artist Marina DeBris to stop using single-use-plastics, clean up our beaches and waterways. Marina has been making art to question the amount of waste we create since 2008. In 2012 she joined forces with Art 4 All People and Project Save our Surf for a day of action “”Hands Across the Sand””.
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Trashion by Marina DeBris

TRASHion show for Ruckus Roots supporting East LA’s sustainable arts education programs. All outfits from washed up LA beach trash “Plastic State of Mind” music by Ben Zolno of New Message Media. Show produced by Christine Spehar & Jessie Anderson

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